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About Motivati

Motivati helps you to get the best out of your body. Living pain-free with optimal bodily performance.

We do not believe in one size fits all treatments, especially if it comes to your body. That is why we choose specialized care to fit your needs. That is how we help you become the best version of you.

Why Motivati?

From injury to symptom-free sports to being the best you can be
With Motivati’s treatments, we work on your problem and the cause. We help you perform your favourite activities painlessly through physical training.

Whether you come for our physiotherapy or personal training. The goal is to make you leave every session doing something better than you did when came into it. 

With my knee injury, I was able to go to Niel the same day. He is easily accessible and flexible with meetings. I am a fanatic athlete and a plus is that Niel not only treats in the treatment room, but also goes into the gym. I quickly got rid of my injury and would definitely recommend Niel to others.


With Motivati Sport & Performance, Wesley Fokker trains for his Pro MMA-fight in October.

Wesley Fokker

Our Services

Our goal is to have you get rid of your pain and prevent the cause of your injuries from happening again.
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Personal Training:
With our Sport & Performance team we help you to get the best out of yourself. Become the you, you’ve always wanted to be.
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Online Consultation:
Whether you’re abroad or just prefer an online meeting, we’re here to offer you advice and solutions.
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