Physiotherapy &
Personal training

Together we work to get the best out of your body

About Motivati

Motivati helps you to get the best out of your body. Living pain-free with optimal bodily performance.

We do not believe in one size fits all treatments, especially if it comes to your body. That is why we choose specialized care to fit your needs. That is how we help you become the best version of you.

Personal Training & Physiotherapy in Utrecht

Motivati ​​is a centrally located Physio and Personal Training center in Utrecht.

Our practitioners and trainers are focused on getting you to you move as effectively as possible. This can be to remedy your injuries or to bring out the best in you during sports. Motivati ​​therefore always looks for the cause of
your physical symptoms. So that these can not only be remedied, but also prevented in the future.

Our therapists are therefore registered with the Central Quality Register for Physiotherapists (CKR) and are certified as
Physiotherapist and Personal trainer by renowned training institutes.