Preventing and curing injuries

Physiotherapy at Motivati is
remedying and preventing

Motivati ​​Physiotherapy has an extensive range of treatment methods and therapies. For physical and movement related complaints such as
as a result of overload, illness, a (sports) injury, rehabilitation after surgery, or an incident such as falling or an accident.

We will work with you to resolve the complaints. At our location for physiotherapy in Utrecht you can go with or
without a referral from your doctor.


Back pain can come on very spontaneously. Usually these complaints have an important underlying trigger. We do not only treat your back pain, but also search for the cause.


The knees are an important intermediate station between the hips and the ankles. Due to a knee injury you quickly get in trouble with your daily activities. We will fight this together.


The shoulders are a unique point in the body. Because of all the free movements that a shoulder has to be able to make, they are also prone to injuries. We are happy to help you with that.


A good recovery after surgery is crucial. At Motivati ​​we work together to make your rehabilitation process as good as possible.


Many athletes know the aches and pains that come with exercising. We teach your body the correct form and technique to exercise optimally.


Do not wait untill complaints seriously affect your daily life. But work on your recovery together with Motivati!

our philosofy

After the complaints have been established, we will draw up a treatment plan together with you. Depending on your complaints, the treatment consists as much as possible of active exercise therapy, supplemented with treatments if necessary.

With the exercises and/or therapy we improve your flexibility and mobility and we try to combat any pain as much as possible. Together we work on your recovery, so that you can function optimally again.

The physiotherapist challenges you and motivates you, because you remain responsible yourself. Physio does not only consist of treatments at our physio location in Utrecht, you will receive exercises to work on your recovery at home. This way you can quickly resume sports or be active in everyday life.