Privacy Policy

For Fysio Motivati ​​it is essential that the security of the data that visitors to our site transmit to us is guaranteed. Personal data is only used for the purposes that have been strengthened for this and according to the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ).

Our website is responsible for the processing of your personal data.
Via the menu option ‘contact’ visitors will arrive at a screen in which they fill in their name and address details and send them to us. The information is intended to enable us to get in touch with them. The security of the information is primarily provided by Ziggo Thuis, our internet provider. The data is never provided to third parties and is not used for commercial purposes.

When you sign up for help via the Fysio Motivati ​​website, you are entitled to a strictly confidential treatment of your data and security of your privacy. The following information is mandatory to fill in:

  • Sex
  • Call sign
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Postal code and house number

The data is used to register you with our EPD (Electronic Patient File) system. Fysio Motivati ​​uses the Fysio Manager system for its EHR system. Fysio Manager adheres to the privacy legislation of the AVG:

Links to other websites
We strive for a careful selection in the links published by us. However, Fysio Motivati ​​is not responsible for the way in which these other websites guarantee the privacy of visitors, nor for the content of these websites.

Physio Motivati ​​will use Zorgmail to communicate with general practitioners and other parties involved. Zorgmail is a highly secured e-mail traffic that has been specially developed by Z-Netwerken. This ensures that the data reaches the general practitioners safely. All general practitioners use Zorgmail to exchange patient data with the relevant authorities: