Personal training &
Top sport coaching

Want to get even better at your sport or completely change your body?

Personal Training especially
for achieving your goals

Your body is a complex machine, consisting of a thousand moving parts. As a coach, we try to run this machine as smoothly as possible.

Motivati does not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Every client is thoroughly screened to determine what their best way of training is. We also know that humans change, so we adapt to them. We often switch up the workouts to keep things fresh. 

Personal Training at Motivati is fully focused on reaching your goals in an effective and safe manner. Whether you’re a seasoned sportsman or a rookie, with the professional guidance by Motivati, you’re all set for succes.

Step 1: Book your trial lesson

The first, and maybe the most exciting part is to embark on this journey. Take the step and try us out

Step 2: Screening

We start by assessing your targets and current level of fitness in order to make your personal development plan

Step 3: Tick off objectives

As we go working on your objectives, we’ll see your goals closing in until you’re able to tick them off your list.

Step 4: Success!

They only thing between you and your goals is the effort still left to be put in. Bring your A-game to every session and we will help you get there safe and sound.

The result of Motivati Sport & Performance


Single tickets

One PT-session

€ 80,-

8x personal training

€ 600,-

16x personal training

€ 1100,-



Train 1x per week, minimum order of 4 weeks.

€ 300,-


Train 2x per week, minimum order of 4 weeks.

€ 525,-


Train 3x per week, like a true athlete. minimum order of 4 weeks.

€ 850,-